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Functions & Features

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conTrac overview

conTrac is one of the most comprehensive web based solutions available for managing contractor safety and compliance in the workplace. It has been developed by a team of safety professionals with over 100 years combined experience.


conTrac allows you to easily evaluate and assess potential contractors before selecting them via the pre-qualification function. You simply enter their name and email address and click send. Once the contractor completes their response and uploads all relevant documentation, you receive an email and can approve, reject or request more information. This response will contain all the information required for you to make a decision on selection. The selection criteria can be tailored to suit your organisation, making contractor selection very easy and systematic.


Via the induction function you can capture contractor licences and qualifications and automatically track their expiries. The contractor will be required to upload them and have them approved by their contractor manager (contractor manager will receive notification of the upload and will need to approve). Upon expiry both contractor and contractor manager will receive notification that new documentation is required. If the contractor does not renew documents within the required timeframes, their status will turn “red” and they will not be able to sign into site.


The automated induction function in conTrac gives you absolute assurance that every contractor working on your site(s) has been inducted. After approving a contractor via the pre-qualification function, the contractor and their workers are automatically enrolled into the relevant inductions, without you having to manually enrol them. All workers receive individual login details and once inductions are completed they can gain access to the relevant work site via the site sign in function. Inductions can be tailored to suit specific types of contractors. For example, if a particular group of contractors require special qualifications such as confined space entry or working at heights, then simply create another induction with these requirements and add the induction to the relevant contractors or alternatively, you can add to an existing induction. Upon doing this, contractors will be notified and given a particular timeframe that you set for completing the additional requirements. Inductions can contain any number of different types of learning activities (Units which are added to inductions) including:

Online learning and assessment

On the job assessments

Reading and acknowledging policies, procedures and other documents

Attendance at face to face sessions

With this enormous amount of flexibility, you can make your induction content powerful and engaging.


The site sign in function recognises the status of the contractor and will not enable them to sign in unless they are “green”. conTrac uses a simple traffic like system to denote status including:

Green (fully completed and current)

Amber (in progress)

Red (incomplete and expired)

The site sign function captures the contractor’s image and prints it, along with a barcode on a label that they can wear. This function will enable you to run full reports on any contractor to see all their activity by site for any given period.


The work permitting function in conTrac gives you full visibility of all current, historical and future work activity being conducted by contractors. If your organisation has its own work permitting system, you simply enter the relevant forms into conTrac once. This enables you to issue permits to contractors electronically before they commence work. Likewise, if contractors need to submit a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) or Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) before they commence work, contractors can upload this from any device, for your approval. This then permanently captures all permits, JSA’s and SWMS's against each contractor, making compliance against legislative requirements a breeze.


conTrac will capture all your contractor movements whilst on site so if you have to evacuate the site in an emergency, you will be able to see if anyone is still on site via your mobile device. This is a great emergency management tool that will help you comply with emergency management protocol.


On occasion, you may need to intervene if your contractors breach safety requirements. conTrac makes this very easy, by enabling you to issue electronic Improvement or Stop Work notices (or any other notices you would like to create) and disable their site permissions if necessary. This acts as a permanent record of your interventions for safety breaches against your policy and procedures which can be recalled anytime in the future. Once the contractor receives the notices, they have the opportunity to respond, and if you are satisfied you can reactivate their site permissions. Contractors will not be able to sign into the site until you approve their response to issued notices. This acts as a powerful reinforcement of your commitment to safety and will greatly improve contractor safety performance.


conTrac will automatically keep contractors up to date with any changes to policies and procedures. You simply add a new or updated policy and procedure to their induction and an automated email will be sent to every contractor enrolled in that induction. The induction will remain incomplete until the requirements for the new policy or procedure are fulfilled. For example, to read and acknowledge that they have understood their responsibilities. Unless the induction is complete, contractors will not be able to sign into the site via the site sign in function. This will ensure that your contractors are always kept up to date with your policies and procedures at the click of a button.

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