Contrac Implementation and Support In Melbourne, Compliance Advice
We provide as much support as our clients require to help them manage their safety compliance software. It is easy to use and we can show you how.
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Implementation and support

Get your free one hour on site consultation

We partner with you to achieve your goals

Every safety goal is different, but this is the most common approach to achieve positive safety and compliance outcomes.


We fully administer your system from set up to contractor on-boarding and approval.


We set up a branded instance of conTrac, train your administrators and you do the rest (3 hours monthly support provided)


We tailor to your requirements

Whether you need a safety audit, a safety plan or anything in between, we can achieve your goals.  Rest assured, our experienced workplace health and safety consultants will get you up and running in a very short time.

To book an appointment with a safety consultant, or for more information on our contractor induction software, either call us or complete one of our contact forms today.

Get your free one hour on site consultation