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Your Safety Partners Pty Ltd Privacy Policy

Your Safety Partners take privacy seriously and use best practices to comply with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), which form the basis of the Privacy Act 1988, the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 and the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012, in all of our business activities.

Your Safety Partners also look to ensure that, our clients and our suppliers are not in breach of the SPAM Act 2003 or the Do Not Call Register in all related activities.

An individual may request to see a copy of the personal data held by Your Safety Partners by providing their details to us via email ( or telephone 1300 033 466 or via our contact form on this page.

An individual may also request at any time to seek the correction of their personal data or suppression of their data from further marketing activities.

An individual may also make a complaint to Your Safety Partners if it is believed that Your Safety Partners or a related client / supplier is not complying with:

    • The APPs;
    • SPAM Act;
    • Do Not Call Register; and
    • Any related advertising guidelines set forth by a related body.


Your Safety Partners will then respond within a reasonable period of time to notify the individual of how we will look to assist with the request and of any additional information that may be required to carry out the request.

Should such a request be made, it may not be possible for Your Safety Partners to assist with the request where the individual does not provide the following details, to enable a confident match to the related database:

The company that contacted them (as in the sender of the marketing communication – without this, we will be unable to match back your details to the related source)

    • First Name;
    • Surname;
    • In what form the individual would like Your Safety Partners to communicate with them regarding the matter (telephone / email are preferred);
    • Business name (if applicable to the communication in question);
    • Address (if a letter was sent);
    • Telephone number (if a telephone call was made to a number owned by the individual); and
    • Email address (if an email was sent to an email address owned by the individual).

This matching process will be performed within a reasonable period of time and may require the assistance of the related data providers, with which we would need to share the personal information for the related purpose.

Your Safety Partners are unable in many cases to provide individuals with the option of engaging with us without using their name or under a pseudonym, as it is normally necessary to collect personal data in order to alter or suppress the related personal information, or to respond to a related complaint. General advice and feedback, however, may be available in these instances.