Workplace Safety Compliance Related To Wearing A Face Mask At Work
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Wearing Face Masks

Wearing Face Masks

We are currently receiving a lot of enquiries from our clients regarding rules around use of face masks in workplaces located in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire so here is a summary of the key points just published by Department of Health and Human Services Victoria.

  1. Employers must ensure everyone wears a face mask in the workplace unless it creates a risk to that person’s health and safety, as determined through OH&S guidelines i.e. a risk assessment verifies this
  2. People can have a short break from wearing a face mask, but must ensure they are not near other people
  3. Office staff must wear masks if they are sharing an office with others or when someone else enters an enclosed office
  4. You do not need to wear a face mask when working from home unless you are caring for someone with COVID-19
  5. Professions which require clear enunciation or visibility of mouth e.g. teachers or broadcasters can remove mask whilst engaged in these activities.

These rules come into effect 11.59pm on Wednesday 22 July.

If you would like to speak to a workplace safety consultant in Melbourne, the click this link.