Health And Safety Regulations For Staff Working From Home
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Working From Home

Working From Home

Working from home is increasingly becoming the norm and with the imposing threat of stage four restrictions in Victoria, employers more than ever need to be aware of their health and safety responsibilities when it comes to team members working remotely.

If team members work from somewhere other than their usual place of work employers have the same duty to ensure their health and safety, and yes that includes working from home.

Safe Work Australia provide the following advice.

Employees should be provided guidance on the following:

  • How to set up a safe home office environment, including workstation set up;
  • How to avoid sedentary behavior’s;
  • Getting team members familiar with good ergonomic practices; and
  • Providing access and support to mental health and wellbeing.

We have developed resources to help our clients meet this responsibility including a recently developed e-learning working from home module which you can be preview by clicking on this link.

In addition to this you can access a Working from Home Checklist from this website.

If you need any advice about employee or contractor safety management, then simply contact us.